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For more than 30 years, Monique has been one of the most outstanding singers in the Danish pop and soul arena. Right now, you can book and experience her live, together with various bands:

The Monique Band and Monique Disco Diva Express. Furthermore, she has a Duo concept, and a Bond Band. If you are interested in a concert for kids, Monique has just made a new app for children, with some of the best songs for kids in Danish. It’s called Monique’s Verden/Monique’s World. You can read more about the different constellations right here:

Monique Band

Take a trip down memory lane with Monique.

You´ll hear heartfelt ballads and groovy soul when Monique enters the stage with her band. The repertoire consists of all the best songs from her many solo albums, together with a lot of other numbers from the more than 40 other productions she has attended.

Do you remember her first hit ”Tell me why”?

What about ”Min kat den danser tango”/”Tango cat” and of course ”Colours of the wind” from the Disney movie ”Pocahontas”. Together with all the beautiful songs, Monique will tell you stories about her life.

Do you want to book a concert or hear more about prices, you can either call us on +45 2662 0862 or send us an e-mail on

Monique Duo

Is your dream to have Monique come and sing at your next party ? Maybe a birthday, a reception, a wedding, in your company, for Christmas, as a surprise for someone you love, or just because you feel like it ? It’s now possible!

Together you and Monique, finds out, what will be the perfect scenario specifically for your event. Monique sings some of the best and most beloved songs and is also able to rehearse your favorite song.

Do you want to book a concert or hear more about prices, you can either call us on +45 2662 0862 or send us an e-mail

Monique's Verden

A concert for children age 2-7 year and their grownups, based on Monique’s app for children: Monique’s Verden/Monique’s World.

Wheather you want a private concert for children in your home, in kindergarten, for your birthday or just a party, it’ now possible! Monique is touring with her four best friends, the teddy bears: Max, Marley, Marvin and little Molly.

Monique and her friends are entertaining for 30-45 minutes, with some of the best songs and stories for kids in Danish. You can find them all in Monique’s new fantastic app for children ”Monique’s Verden”. You can get the app for FREE on App Store.

The concert is filled with fun, music, singing, dancing and playing. You choose if you want Monique to sing, to tell stories or to do both. Finally, you can choose a theme for the performance. Maybe an Easter theme, birthday, Halloween, Christmas theme, or something else, you decide.

Book Monique’s Verden for:

*A private event

And much more- the sky is the limit.

How do I book?

If you are interested in booking Monique’s Verden, or want to know more about prices, you can either call us on: +45-2662 0862 or sent us an e-mail on

We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can read more about “Monique’s Verden” on

Get the app Monique’s Verden for FREE in App Storehere.

Do you want to watch the little teaser about Monique’s Verden, you can do it right here.

Disco Diva Express

Let’s Party!

Monique has finally put together the party band we´ve all been waiting for.

All the best disco and soul hits from the 80s are taken under such good care, that you´ll think that you´re actually listening to the “real deal”. Miss Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and many more.

With Monique’s powerful and sensual vocal in front, Disco Diva Express is the obvious choice if you want to hire the best band for your party, wheather it’s in your company, at home or somewhere else.

Check her and her band out if you want to have an unforgettable musical experience.

Do you want to book a concert or hear more about prices, you can either call us on +45 2662 0862 or send us an e-mail on

Monique Solo

Monique of course also performs solo at different events with different party bands, with music that creates the perfect entertainment for your party.

Do you want to book a concert or hear more about prices, you can either call us on +45 2662 0862 or send us an e-mail on


Do you love all the extravagant things in life ? Beautiful woman and men, action, fame, wealth, drama. Then embark on a musical journey with Monique through the many legendary and pompous theme songs from some of the most spectacular Bond movies. Classics like: Goldfinger, For your eyes only, Goldeneye, Diamonds are forever and Licence to kill, are tailored for Monique’s powerful and sensual voice.

Let yourself be seduced into a world of handsome men, striking women, sexy Bond babes. Martinis shaken not stirred, and in the centre of it all, the man, the sex symbol, the agent 007, Mr. Bond, James Bond.

The concert is an obvious possibility for your next theme event.

Let the magic begin!

Do you want to book a concert or hear more about prices, you can either call us on +45 2662 0862 or send us an e-mail on

Kære alle I vidunderlige mennesker. Rigtig glædeligt nytår til jer. Jeg håber I får en forrygende aften, og at det nye år 2020 vil bringe jer alt det i ønsker jer allermest. Jeg glæder mig til at se og dele det nye år med jer, tak for det gamle.
Stort knus og kærlighed fra Monique 🙏❤️🎉🎶🌸🙂
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Jeg ønsker jer alle den mest vidunderlige og glædelige jul. Må alle jeres ønsker gå i opfyldelse.
Knus og kærlighed fra Monique🙏❤️
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3 måneder siden

Monique Spartalis-Singer

Er du eller nogen du kender PÆDAGOG i en daginstitution i København eller på Sjælland, og kunne du tænke dig den hyggeligste og sjoveste juleunderholdning for børnene i din børnehave/vuggestue? Så kan du/I nu få besøg af “Monique’s Verden” juleudgaven her i nov og dec.
Send os en privat besked, så vender vi meget hurtig tilbage med den bedste jule pris🎅🏻🤶🏻🎄
Dette opslag må meget gerne deles, 1000 tak🙏❤️❤️❤️
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