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Monique is dedicated when it comes to helping others. Her egyptian grandfather Emile was the most generous person she had ever heard of. He always said, there were people who had far less than him, and that there was people in need. He used the little that was left at home, to give comfort to the poor, sick and needy.

Monique says, she has inherited her grandfathers wish of helping others, and has done so since she was a little girl. As a grownup, Monique has become an ambassador for various foundations in Denmark, were her main focus is to attract attention to the many important causes each foundation has.

The picture of Monique with a beard, was taken for the Danish Heart Foundation and their campaign ”Elsk hjertet”/ ”Love the heart” to make us aware of how to avoid getting a heart disease. Present, heart diseases is the condition which kills most people in Denmark.

” I didn’t know that the death rate from heart disease (in Denmark) is that high, and that it far exceeds the risk of dying of cancer. That’s why it´s so important for me as a singer to share the this knowledge with as many people as possible”

– Monique

If you’d like Monique to perform at your next charity event, then send a request on or give us a call on +45-2662 0862. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Monique has recorded various songs for charity. You can listen to some of them here:

That Heart

Song for the forgotten

Lys i mørket


Feeling beloved

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Monique Spartalis-Singer

Er du på Langelandsfestivalen i morgen, så kom og mød os, i Børneland. Der optræder vi med Monique’s Verden kl. 11.00. Vi glæder os så meget til at møde dig💗Vi skal rigtig rigtig tidligt op i morgen, for vi skal til Langelands festivalen og optræde med Monique's Verden og vi glæder os SÅ meget. Kom forbi hvis du er der. Det er kl. 11.00 på børnescenen i Børneland <3 ... Se mereSe mindre

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