Monique's World

Get the app Monique’s Verden/Monique’s World for FREE in App Store. With it you’ll get a whole new song Monique has written for her best friend the teddy Max: It is of course called Max’s sang/song. You also get two other very known danish children songs: ”I en skov en hytte lå” and ”Undulaten”

If you speak or read danish, you’ll find a karaoke version for each song. Apart from the songs, you also get two stories for free: ”Kejserens nye klæder” and a brand new story ”Astrid er donorbarn”. If you wanna buy more of the songs or stories in the app, you are more than welcome.

Get the app here or visit the website Moniques Verden.

Interactive concerts for children

With an app like ”Monique’s Verden” filled with wonderful songs for children, it’s just obvious to do a lot of concerts for children, and that’s what Monique is doing all around Denmark. Visiting children all over with her interactive concert for children. It’s so much fun. You get to dance, sing, play and learn at the same time. If you would like to know more about the concerts, prices or how to book, You can read more about the concerts here.

Christmas in Monique’s World

Monique loves Christmas, in all it’s glory. The beautifully decorated christmas three, ornamentations, presents, delicious food, love and danish HYGGE, and she especially love all the beautiful christmas songs and carols. That’s why she has put together a christmas concert for children. She and the four teddy bears, have put on their finest christmas clothes, and are bringing their gold Christmas three with them, to bring you the joy of the season. If you want them to come and sing and perform for you, or want to know more about prices, you can either call us on: +45-26620862 or send us an email on You can read much more about Monique’s magical world here.