Monique was born on February 16, 1966 on Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, and baptized: Monique Spartalis. Her father is Egyptian and her mother Danish. Her musical career started early. She was 4 years old when she proclaimed that she wanted to be a Hollywood-star.

Even though she didn´t know what a Hollywood-star was, her love for singing and music was beyond any doubt. A relationship which grows stronger and stronger every day.

Her upbringing was filled with music. Guitar lessons, voice training, “The Danish Radio´s Girls’ Choir” and a lot of bands.

Record deals

In 1983, only 17 years old, Monique and her band ”Notre Dame” won a record deal with the international record label EMI Music. In 1985, their first single ”Kun os to” was released. The song was produced by the hottest producer back then, Michael Bruun, who was also a guitarist in the popular band “Tøsedrengene”.

Her biggest dream about being discovered “The real American way” came true one day during the recording of a TV-commercial, when she was offered a record deal. This time, a much bigger deal, but without the band.

In 1990, she signed a contract with Polygram/Polydor today Universal Music.

A year later, her debut-album “Shadows” (1991) was released with the hit single “Tell Me Why”, soon followed by “Guilty”(1994) and “The woman for you” (1998) and in 2006 “Believer” and in 2012 “Grateful”.

The five albums are best characterized as a refined mixture of pop, soul, disco and R&B. “Shadows” and “Guilty” are mostly pop-influenced, “The woman for you” is more soul/R&B and “Believer” even have a touch of Gospel and on “Grateful” she returns to her pop universe again.

Through the years, she participated on various albums in many different genres, you can listen to all the songs on the Discography.


Besides from singing, Monique also acts. She was in the musical “Atlantis” at Østre Gasværk Theatre”, “Hair” at Betty Nansen Theatre, “Rocky Horror Show” at Nørrebros Theatre” and in a Hans Christian Andersen play called “The journey without luggage”- all plays in Copenhagen.


Monique is dedicated when it comes to helping others. That’s why she is an ambassador for various Danish foundations.

You can listen to all the charity songs she has donated on the Discography.

Much more

Monique also lectures about “Music and qualities in life”, and has been a TV-host on National Danish Television, as well as being the spokeswoman for “Fox Kids” television here in Denmark, and she has in a serie on Danish TV, been a mentor coach for a young girl who had a dream of becoming a singer.

Her passion besides singing is dubbing an voice over. You can listen to her many speaks here.


Despite persuing her musical career, she has also been able to educate herself, and is a teacher in religion and Danish, Master in NLP (nero-linguistic programming) a Psychotherapist and a Life and Business coach.

Curriculum Vitae

Born on the 16th of February on Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.
Signs a record-deal with Polygram/Polydor, now Universal Music.
Releases her first solo-album, “Shadows”. Watch the music video of the hitsingle “Tell Me Why” on Youtube.
Acts in the musical “Atlantis” at Østre Gasværk Theatre, Copenhagen.
Releases her second solo-album, “Guilty”.
Gospel United – Monique sings on the cd and goes on tour with Lilian Boutte´, watch the interview on YouTube.

Participates on the cd “Tangokat” with a song for children “Min kat den danser tango”

Participates on the cd “Hej Frede” also for kids with “Nikki Snakki”.

Records the theme-song for Disney´s “Pocahontas” -“Colours of the wind” in Danish

Acts in the musical “Hair” at Betty Nansen Theatre, Copenhagen. Watch Monique’s television performance with the song “Aquarius” here.

Has her own television program “Kidnappet” on National Danish television.

Participates on the Christmas-cd “From all of us” with “Cruella de Vil”.

Releases her third solo-album “The woman for you”.

Participates on the soundtrack for the movie “Vip & Victor” with “Hemligheden”.

Participates on “Nissekys og Stjernedrys) with “Bjældeklang”/”Jinglebell”.

Joins in on the famous bassplayer Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersens cd “All I ask” with “Summersong”.

Joins Nicolai Bentzon with “Mercy, Mercy” on his cd “Bentzon”.

Participates on the cd “O Florens Rosa” with “Den første kærlighed” and “En dejlig rose”.

On the cd “Something special” Monique sings “Loverman”.

Lectures about “Music and qualities in life”.

Participates on the cd “Tusindvis af is” with “Dyrene om natten”.

Monique becomes an ambassador for the TV channel Fox Kids in Denmark.

She does the signature song for Fox Kids in Denmark.

Records a cd for Marabou chocolate with Danish and foreign Christmas songs.

Attends the cd “A touch of gospel” with two songs: “When I need you” and “You’ve got a friend”.

Is on the cd “Olsen Banden” which is a Christmas cd for kids.

Attends the Copenhagen Community Gospel Choir cd “We are blessed” with “Oh happy day”.

Is a model in the Starcalendar for “Save the children”

Re-records the song “Min kat den danser tango” in a new version on “Åh abe greatest”.

Attends a charity song for the Alzheimer foundation called”Lys i mørket”.

Joins “Copenhagen Community Gospel Choir ” on their cd “We are blessed”

Attends the cd “Den grimmeste mand i byen” for “the Danish foundation for disabled” with “Reunion”.

Records a duo cd called “Feel like making love”.

Is on the cd “Hawk” with a duet called “Soulmate”.

Is in the musical “Rocky Horror Show” on Nørrebros Theatre.

Monique and Sound of Gospel sings “Almægtige ånder”/”Almighty spirits” on the soundtrack for the Disney movie “Brother bear” in Danish called “Bjørne Brødre”.

Attends Jan Nielsens cd “Mirror Man” with the duet “I wanna be the only one”.

Monique does the background vocals on “Feeling beloved” which is written by two of her very good friends, Anna Lia Bright and Søren Høg(Hawk). It´s distributed by “the society for the blind” to support orphans in Africa.

On the charity cd “Syng dig Munter” a cd with Tom Freiling, alias Tom Dukebox, Monique sings the beautiful lullaby “Mors hjertesang”. The cd supports children with cancer.

Monique releases her new solo album “Believer”. 10 beautiful pop and soul songs.
Monique records the theme song for the Danish football team for women in Denmark called “Danmarks seje tøser”.

“Can I help you?” is a song created to give attention to the fact that many children in the world is in need of bone marrow. Monique is sins the song and she does the commercial.

Monique graduates as a Life coach.
“Song for the forgotten”, is written by Thomas Bickham and donated to “the Red Cross” in Denmark.

Monique appears on the song “Et øjeblik” written by Anders Blichfeldt for “the Danish cancer foundation”.

“That heart” is a song for” the Danish Heart Foundation”.
Monique releases her new album “Grateful” which she wrote herself for the first time in her life.
Monique graduates as a Business coach.
Monique has done a musical app for children called “Monique’s Verden/Monique’s World. Get it for FREE on App Store.