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Moniques Verden/Moniques World

A musical app for children age 0-7. It’s filled with some of the best and most beloved songs for children in danish as well as fairytales from Hans Christian Andersen and the Grimm Brothers.

Here you’ll meet Monique her best friends, the teddy bears: Max, Marley, Marvin and little Molly, in a world filled with fun and creativity. All songs and fairy tales are in videoform, so you can see Monique perform with all the beautiful children.

Singing and career coaching

Do you want to move forward with your dream of becoming a professional singer ? Do you need someone to help you on your way with some good and useful advice ? Or do you just want music and singing to be a bigger part of your life ? Then maybe a talk with Monique is what you need.


One of Monique’s big passions, is using her voice to sing and speak in TV commercials. It litterally makes her happy, she says. She thinks it’s so much fun.

You can listen to some of her many speaks here.


Monique’s Egyptian grandfather Emile, was the most generous person she have ever heard of. He always said, there were people who had far less than him, and that there was people in need. Eventhough he didn’t have much, he used the little that was left at home, to give comfort to the poor, sick and needy.

Monique has inherited her grandfather’s desire of helping others: Ever since she was a little girl, she has somehow been involved in charity.

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Sender søndags kærlighed ud til jer alle <3
Tak til alle de flotte fyre i videoen <3
Henrik Launbjerg Jacob Launbjerg Niels Ratzer Assi Roar Jonas Krag Uffe Fink Isaksen Morten Bolvig
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De smukke unge mennesker😜 er i studiet i dag, og ønsker jer alle, en fantastisk dag🙏💖 ... Se mereSe mindre

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In the studio🙏❤️❤️ ... Se mereSe mindre

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